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  • fourpee Small program for generating a "Four P's" progress report
  • rand-stream Filter random chunks of a stream
  • npm-keyword-search Search multiple keywords
  • put-json wrapper for PUTting json with hyperquest
  • url-tag compare a url string or object to a url pattern spec to find matches
  • backbone.native A tiny drop-in replacement for jQuery to allow Backbone to work.
  • tagger Automatically create git tags if the last commit was a GitHub merge
  • node-column Unix column util in nodejs
  • logrotate-stream Pipe log data to a stream, fuggetabout rotation
  • sslice String.prototype.slice for streams
  • brocabulary Expand your brocabulary
  • mongo-collection A very lazy way to get a mongo collection with mongoskin
  • log-rotate Rotate log files with ease
  • byt Convert arbitrary unit strings into byte counts
  • post-json wrapper for posting json with hyperquest
  • listenshtein Filter a list based on Levenshtein distances
  • get-json-hq wrapper for getting json with hyperquest
  • log-pipe Pipe stdin to a logfile with optional log rotation parameters
  • vim-stream Parse keystrokes into vim commands
  • subdomain-collapse string.replace. collapses www., www1., etc subdomains from pathnames. for standardization, if /www[0-9]?/ and bare domains exist together and need to be treated as the same.
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