Packages by ekryski

  • bucket-array This is a simple JavaScript cache buffer aka Bucket
  • caress-server caress-server is a NodeJS server that coverts TUIO data to events and emits those events
  • doors A NodeJS module taking the lock and door pattern to inception extremes
  • feathers An ultra scalable, feather weight, data oriented framework
  • feathers-memory Feathers in memory service
  • feathers-mongodb Feathers MongoDB service
  • grunt-iron-worker Grunt plugin for managing Iron.io workers
  • launchpad You can launch browsers! From NodeJS! Local ones! Remote ones! Browserstack ones!
  • legs Services for feathers to stand up on
  • node-hl7 Basic NodeJS HL7 server
  • roach A very adaptable web crawler framework. Impossible to kill.
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