Packages by fgribreau

Packages Starred by fgribreau

  • buster-core Buster core utilities
  • eureka MSG and RPC tool based on ZMQ and Redis
  • knox Amazon S3 client
  • hashish Hash data structure manipulation functions
  • deliveratorjs A mustard powered node module for easily creating pages with ordr.in menus
  • bcrypt A bcrypt library for NodeJS.
  • repl-utils REPL utils
  • courser Route manager for express web framework
  • orientdb A node.js driver for OrientDB
  • anvil.jade Jade compiler extension for anvil.js
  • jaydata Cross-platform HTML5 data-management, JavaScript Language Query (JSLQ) support for OData, SQLite, WebSQL, IndexedDB, YQL and Facebook (packaged for Node.JS)
  • ramrod the router you'd write if you were writing a router
  • formwatcher-hint Cross browser beautiful hints
  • ff Concise, Powerful Asynchronous Flow Control in JavaScript
  • persist Node.js ORM framework supporting various relational databases
  • matcha Benchmark your code.
  • expresso TDD framework, light-weight, fast, CI-friendly
  • rimraf A deep deletion module for node (like `rm -rf`)
  • read read(1) for node programs
  • runkeeper-js RunKeeper HealthGraph API Client Library for Node.js
  • and 980 more
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