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Packages Starred by fgribreau

  • formidable-plus
  • node-rss Node.js package for efficently creating RSS feeds
  • mssqlx NodeJs Microsoft SQL Server Command Line Interface
  • imagesort image mover for android titanium projects
  • hubot-gtalk A GTalk adapter for hubot
  • gsl GNU Scientific Library for NodeJS.
  • gistdb Use gist's from GitHub as database files.
  • joosex-namespace-depended Cross-platform (browser/NodeJS), non-blocking, dependencies handling implementation, integrated with Joose3
  • npm-tweets Publishes tweets when libraries are updated on npm.
  • ravendb A node library for accessing RavenDB
  • hone.js HTML, js, css optimization
  • panino API documentation generator with a strict grammar and testing tools
  • ex-static Fast, static file server middleware with built-in revving
  • mux-demux multiplex streams
  • cqrs-domain Node-cqrs-domain is a node.js module based on nodeEventStore. It can be very useful as domain component if you work with (d)ddd, cqrs, eventdenormalizer, host, etc.
  • multipoint Multipoint Translation and Operations Library
  • clarinet SAX based evented streaming JSON parser in JavaScript (browser and node)
  • clientmodules A small util for using npm to install clientside packages.
  • nodefront To see a styled version of the documentation below, please visit [nodefront's website](http://karthikv.github.com/nodefront)
  • hubot A simple helpful robot for your Company
  • and 980 more
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