Packages by francois

  • connect_auth_github Simple connect middleware to authenticate users against github oauth
  • connect-sts Middleware to add Strict-Transport-Security header
  • ep_github Authenticate users against Github on Etherpad lite
  • facebook Simple Facebook Integration for NodeJS (and Express)
  • hubot-laclasse Paste quotes from La Classe Américaine
  • hubot-ping-standup A hubot script to ping the team everyday for the standup meeting.
  • intervals Command line util for API
  • mercure Download files via an API.
  • nodetk nodetk is a set of small libraries intended to facilitate the use of nodejs.
  • o3-xml NodeJS library for W3C-DOM XML api with XPath and namespaces. It is based on LibXML2.
  • oauth2-client A library providing the bases to implement an OAuth2 client (as connect middleware).
  • oauth2-server Node library providing the bases to implement an OAuth2 server (as connect middleware).
  • parisjs-website The website of
  • recallme A micro js library to allows you to manage errors by restarting the original function.
  • rest-mongo A JS ORM for both server and browser providing Rest server connect middleware.
  • serializer JSON serializer and parser with secure.
  • spore Generic ReST client and server. Implementation of spore in node.
  • stormz Access to stormz's API
  • trello_baseapp Express skeleton for creating apps on top of trello.
  • yabble A general purpose browser-side CommonJS module loader
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