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  • npm-watch run scripts from package.json when files change
  • any-db Database-agnostic connection pooling, querying, and result sets
  • any-db-postgres The postgres adapter for any-db
  • eel-stream Send eel logs to a writable stream
  • package-to-dependency-stream Create a stream of dependency objects from a package.json
  • reloadable Wrap modules so they can be reloaded via external signal or in process. Useful for config.
  • argv2http Easily create declarative CLI wrappers for HTTP API's
  • any-db-adapter-spec Specification and test suite for any-db adapters
  • uri-template Parse and expand URI templates as defined by
  • to-bytes Parse strings like '10MB' into a number of bytes
  • mysql-compat Compatibility layer to make require('mysql') act more like require('pg')
  • any-db-fake Fake adapter factory for testing any-db related libraries
  • doto Clojure's `doto` for javascript
  • sqlite3-reflect Reflect the schema of a sqlite3 database
  • capitalize capitalize the first letter of a string, or all words in a string
  • tie-file ERROR: No file found!
  • parenthesize wrap a string in parens, brackets, or whatever else you want
  • eel-amqp AMQP backend for eel (EventEmitter logging)
  • parse-db-url parse database URLs into configuration objects
  • get-package-jsons attach package.json contents to a dependency stream
  • and 31 more

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