Packages by hallas

  • co-timer Generator based timeout
  • globbed Require Node.js modules by globbing directories.
  • injected Register resources and inject them into modules as dependencies
  • koa-authorize Tiny authorization middleware for Koa.
  • koa-data Automatically read and parse JSON request bodies.
  • koa-dispatch Hybrid Koa router with multiple handlers and param support
  • koa-sessionize Little middleware module for session deserialization.
  • koa-versionize Small middleware to versionize your API.
  • koa-wrapper Wrap your API response in a standardized format.
  • mongel Small database models for MongoDB using generator goodness
  • mongoose-format A Mongoose plugin that enables you to produce formatted output of your instantiated models.
  • monk-model Small models for monk using generator goodness
  • progress Flexible ascii progress bar

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