Packages by imbcmdth

  • aabb Axis-align bounding box
  • bxh Bounding interval hierarchy and bounding volume hierarchy library for nodejs
  • defunc Default function arguments helper
  • hdr Module for reading HDR image files
  • histogram-struct Simple histogram structure. Includes a cumulative histogram implementation.
  • kickingnscreaming Kicking-N-Screaming - Associate `types` metadata to your draggable and droppable elements and only recieve events (dragenter, dragover, dragleave) when both draggable and droppable elements have one or more `types` in common.
  • lut-struct Interpolating Look-Up Tables
  • make-object MakeObject - A complete useless library for doing something you never wanted to do using a method that is poorly thought out.
  • masala Curry-like secret sauce for option-object accepting functions and constructors
  • mjs 3D matrix and vector operations
  • percentile-struct Percentile structure
  • ray Minimal Ray geometric primitive
  • reservoir Fast random sampling using reservoir sampling
  • some Randomize functions for arrays and strings
  • swizzle Change the order of a function's parameters
  • transform-console Log a stream to the console. Implemented as a transform to allow a peek into a pipeline.
  • transform-expected Conditionally apply a stream transform or pass-through any objects that do not meet our expectations.
  • udc UltraDeepClone - A complete (as possible) deep-clone algorithm that can clone objects with cycles.
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