Packages by jaz303

  • lexical-env Simple API for manipulating lexical environments as found in Lisp, Scheme
  • jib jib is a new take on make(1)
  • bag Unordered collection
  • min-heap min-heap data structure
  • swipe-panel DOM swipe detector/emitter
  • classkit class-like inheritance if you're into that sort of thing
  • sexp-stream Streaming s-expression parser
  • sexp-tokenizer Streaming s-expression tokenizer
  • xson eXtended Serialized Object Notation
  • bitcrusher Bitcrush effect for the web audio API
  • kayak raft implementation
  • signalkit Signals & delegates
  • shayda A friendly interface around WebGL shader programs
  • oskar Lightweight on-screen keyboard with no dependencies
  • trbl Expand top-right-bottom-left component arrays in accordance with CSS rules
  • type-predicates Type-checking functions
  • lemur OS X MIDI playback engine for node.js based on Core MIDI
  • cdefine Generate C #defines from objects
  • drake Move along, nothing to see yet.
  • sexp sexp -> array parser
  • and 42 more
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