Packages by jed

  • abevigoda Abe Vigoda as a Service
  • emit A reactive toolkit for JavaScript
  • monot Like [object Date], but unique.
  • authom A dependency-free multi-service authentication tool for node.js
  • kibi a single-page javascript app framework in 1,024 bytes
  • browserver-client ෴ A node.js HTTP server in your browser ෴
  • crx Build Google Chrome extensions with node.js
  • hyperspider A declarative HATEOAS API crawler for node.js
  • lacrosse A streaming API for Lacrosse Alert sensors
  • keygrip Key signing and verification for rotated credentials
  • eartag Tag browsers like farmers tag livestock
  • cookies Cookies, optionally signed using Keygrip.
  • dinkumise Keep ya JavaScripts Dinki-di!
  • localhose Hose your hosts file for easier local web development
  • locale Browser locale negotiation for node.js
  • sajak Simple Authenticated JSON API Kit
  • dom-o DOM library that unifies markup and style into JavaScript syntax
  • namedrop Minification for DOM-heavy code
  • browserver ෴ A browserver proxy for node.js ෴
  • browserver-router A platform-agnostic router for HTTP listeners that follow the node.js spec
  • and 8 more
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