Packages by jesusabdullah

  • flatten Flatten arbitrarily nested arrays into a non-nested list of non-array items
  • tracklist Eat folder of mp3s, receive id3 track info
  • jthon A toy lisp in json
  • prompt-lite A simpler command-line prompt for node.js
  • equip Equip connect middlewares to your flatiron stack.
  • bart-api Api client for
  • hempwick An array manipulation library
  • npmlinxxx a kinder, gentler alternative to npm link
  • traxx0r A medical diary application for tracking symptoms, diet, etc.
  • ircrpc RPC with IRC!
  • tty-signals Interpret signals from a readable stream
  • linspace An implementation of MATLAB's linspace
  • pullover Pull git repos. A counterpart to pushover.
  • laudanumscript cpp for your javascript. literally.
  • ecstatic A simple static file server middleware that works with both Express and Flatiron
  • dalek A dalek in your terminal like whoa
  • pinocchio a real Error. Takes non-errors and makes them real errors, with bonus complaints
  • jquery-cli Use jquery to manipulate piped-in html
  • behind Figure out if a file is behind its dependencies a la make
  • oilpan A simple utility for "catching" requests that "drop" through your middleware stack.
  • and 46 more
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