Packages by jesusabdullah

  • sign Type signatures for javascript
  • logspace An implementation of MATLAB's logspace in javascript
  • behind Figure out if a file is behind its dependencies a la make
  • ansimator Throw down some ANSI animations!
  • exercise-bike A CLI wrapper around handlebars
  • bf Interpret brainfuck in node.js.
  • bart-api Api client for
  • traxx0r A medical diary application for tracking symptoms, diet, etc.
  • rehttpl A middleware for serving a node repl over http and curl.
  • safe-url Scrub basic auth credentials from your urls so they're safe urls
  • tonescript tonescript parser, can play tonescript tones with baudio
  • dingbats A collection of obscure unicode characters
  • bash-quotes get random >0 quotes from
  • licenseify Set up a LICENSE file fairly brainlessly
  • integers A python-like range() function for node
  • zippy zip() and zipWith() for Node.js!
  • browserify-cdn [![Build Status](](
  • bbgurl bbgurl: A tiny cli http client; a thin wrapper around mikeal/request. Named by @blakmatrix.
  • pullover Pull git repos. A counterpart to pushover.
  • instrumented-proxy The HTTP proxy with a bunch of logging added to it.
  • and 43 more
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