Packages by jesusabdullah

  • pullover Pull git repos. A counterpart to pushover.
  • trollscriptjs Because Brainfuck is so last year, right?
  • godot-npm-publish-producer A producer for godot that emits npm publish events
  • linspace An implementation of MATLAB's linspace
  • browserify-cdn [![Build Status](](
  • safe-url Scrub basic auth credentials from your urls so they're safe urls
  • dingbats A collection of obscure unicode characters
  • flatten Flatten arbitrarily nested arrays into a non-nested list of non-array items
  • etch-a-sketch A simplified interface for node-canvas ;)
  • hubhook github post-receive service hook handler
  • representative-datapoints Grab representative datapoints from an array of comparable things
  • bash-quotes get random >0 quotes from
  • linear-autoscale Automatically scale a dataset to fit in a certain interval. Also generates the inverse.
  • integers A python-like range() function for node
  • licenseify Set up a LICENSE file fairly brainlessly
  • kenny-loggins Highway to the logging zone
  • tests-of-the-sierra-madre The Tests of the Sierra Madre ("Tests? We ain't got no tests.")
  • jthon A toy lisp in json
  • bart-api Api client for
  • json-san A JSON module with Actually Useful parse errors by jshint, *and* support for callbacks! But mostly the parse errors.
  • and 43 more
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