Packages by k

  • logic-gates Logical gates defined as methods
  • logless Parses an UglifyJS AST and removes logging code
  • classes A classical inheritence model with support for mixins
  • dagger.js Dagger.js application server framework
  • cloak-cli Scaffolding cli tool for cloak.js projects
  • short-id Short ID string generation
  • exists-patch A two-way compatibility patch for (path/fs).exists
  • mongoose-models A extension to mongoose's models
  • pkg A small module for reading/editing/writing npm package.json files
  • trie A trie dictionary storage model
  • hookio-scaffold A small collection of CLI helpers for building apps with hook.io
  • crux An MVC web application framework controller
  • rgba Connect middleware for generating rgba pngs on the fly
  • ninja-cms A Node.js CMS using Express.js and Cloak.js
  • uuid-v4 A simple v4 UUID generator
  • node-serve A static web server module
  • gitjs A wrapper for running git commands
  • json-output A Node.js module that assists with creating standard JSON structures for HTTP output
  • dagger-cli Scaffolding cli tool for Dagger.js projects
  • json-file A module for modifiying JSON files
  • and 22 more
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