Packages by k

  • json-file A module for modifiying JSON files
  • exists-patch A two-way compatibility patch for (path/fs).exists
  • sechash Secure password hashing with salt and key stretching
  • node-conf A configuration module
  • common.js A CommonJS preprocessor and client-side lib
  • node-serve A static web server module
  • yes-no A tiny module for parsing "yes"/"no" type values
  • uuid-v4 A simple v4 UUID generator
  • pkg A small module for reading/editing/writing npm package.json files
  • rest-auth A RESTful authentication middleware for Express
  • pass-reset A drop-in password reseting module
  • expires Simple expiration helper
  • iota A super-simple integer iteration function
  • radix A module for converting numbers between different bases
  • mongoose-models A extension to mongoose's models
  • dagger-cli Scaffolding cli tool for Dagger.js projects
  • dagger.js Dagger.js application server framework
  • merge-recursive A merge utility support recursive merges
  • eventstream A server-side companion for EventSource
  • cards Basic playing cards module
  • and 22 more
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