Packages by kamicane

  • agent client-side request module, derived from superagent
  • art Cross-browser Vector Graphics
  • clint event driven options parser
  • elements prime dom library
  • emi a stupidly tiny event emitter
  • finally sane flow control library
  • moofx A CSS3-enabled javascript animation library for node and the browser
  • mootools MooTools 1.4.5 Server library
  • mootools-more MooTools More (Builder Hash: 82304b6c3ba35c9988250e5fc67479a2)
  • nodes prime dom library
  • pathogen sane path utilities for node.js
  • prime prime, an OOP JavaScript library for node and the web.
  • quickstart quickstart
  • require-relative require and resolve modules relative to a path of your choice
  • rgb converts all sorts of colors to rgb format.
  • slick Standalone CSS Selector Finder and Parser.
  • wrapup wraps up node packages for web development
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