Packages by krisnye

  • browser-build Makes commonjs modules available in the browser via window.require('module-name')
  • coffeebars Handlebars style microtemplating with coffeescript logic
  • glass-build Contains scripts for building glass based projects.
  • glass-platform Glass platform
  • glass-script a safe JSON path expression and simple scripting language. Suitable for evaluating untrusted javascript like code in a sandbox.
  • glass-test Simple module unit test frameworks
  • ion Indented Object Notation is a YAML inspired, JSON compatible object serialization format that is optimized for human authoring and readability. Whenever possible, quotes, brackets and escape characters are not required and structure is implied by indentation.
  • schematic json-schema properties type properties patternProperties additionalProperties items additionalItems c required => now an array ['a', 'b'] dependencies minimum maximum exclusiveMinimum : boolean exclusiveMaximum : boolean minItems maxItems uniqueItems pattern minLength maxLength enum - default - title - description - format divisibleBy disallow extends ---------------------------- maxProperties minProperties x allOf anyOf oneOf not
  • watchdirectory watchdirectory ==============
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