Packages by lfdoherty

  • requiretree Low-level parse-based interception of the require tree.
  • baleen Uses parsicle to create binary parsers and serializers for keratin data.
  • fparse Simple flat binary format built on a subset of the keratin schema format.
  • matterhorn-view
  • jsonds2 A complete redesign of jsonds, with the same philosophy but a more scalable architecture.
  • miscdatastructures A small collection of data structures for node.js, especially an efficient means for maintaining and updating sets.
  • matterhorn-user-minnow User management for the matterhorn framework, with minnow as the database.
  • matterhorn-gui
  • matterhorn-prng Matterhorn wrapper for random number generation.
  • matterhorn-dust Matterhorn wrapper for the client-side dust template library.
  • matterhorn-user User management for the matterhorn framework.
  • underscorem Extensions to underscore.
  • stack-count A profiling tool for counting calls and aggregating their call stack.
  • module_resolve Adds module-relative 'resolve' method to the Module class
  • matterhorn-standard Matterhorn wrapper for a set of common third-party libraries, with some extensions and utilities.
  • fpage Stub module for when plantbox-compatible modules are loaded outside a plantbox.
  • quicklog Because there aren't enough logging libraries.
  • parsicle A library for creating serializers and deserializers for JSON-like schema.
  • mini-lzo-wrapper A very low-level wrapper around the minilzo fast compression library
  • keratin A specialization of the myrtle parser/format, allowing the specification of non-recursive types and their properties, lists, and maps.
  • and 10 more
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