Packages by mafintosh

  • respawn Spawn a process and restart it if it crashes
  • logfile A simple node program for writing and rotating logfile
  • kirby Cloud control command line app for AWS
  • message-sockets a message socket
  • etcd-registry-router Route http requests to services registered in etcd-registry
  • cyclist Cyclist is an efficient cyclic list implemention.
  • http-party Run multiple http servers that share a port file and does automatic failover if the server listening on the port crashes
  • maintenance-as-a-service maintenance as a service
  • through-json Through stream that parses each write as a JSON message.
  • level-lazy-db Open leveldb only when you need to
  • etcd-registry-join Add a service to etcd-registry and remove it when your service process exits
  • random-access-file Continuous reading or writing to a file using random offsets and lengths
  • document-watch watch for atomic changes in a document
  • mongopatch MongoDB patching tool
  • browserify-fs fs for the browser using level-filesystem and browserify
  • rex-cli rex-cli is the cli equivivalent of rex
  • find-module find a module from a require path asyncronously using custom module folders
  • cable Cable is a fast and simple binary request/response protocol stream for Node.js
  • memolite extremly simple memoizing for async functions
  • bark A collection of web rendering functions
  • and 100 more
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