Packages by mafintosh

  • memolite extremly simple memoizing for async functions
  • rundfunk Rundfunk is zero-conf distributed event emitter
  • flat-file-db Fast in-process flat file database that caches all data in memory
  • param param is a tiny module to read config parameters
  • rex rex is browserside commonjs
  • murl murl is fast url pattern matching and replacing
  • sorted-union-stream Get the union of two sorted streams
  • mongoc compile mongo queries into javascript functions
  • find-module find a module from a require path asyncronously using custom module folders
  • nsq-protocol The NSQ protocol for node.js implemented as a stream
  • protein Protein is http prototype mixins for Node.js
  • hms Work in progress. Ship all kinds of services
  • spies spy on a running program
  • root a super lightweight web framework featuring prototype mixin support and routing
  • torrent-swarm a torrent swarm implementation that uses the DHT to find peers
  • sorted-intersect Intersect sorted lists using merge intersection with galloping lookahead
  • tar-fs filesystem bindings for tar-stream
  • signer a module for signing strings to ensure integrity.
  • p2p-hub A simple hub for communicating p2p between processes or machines
  • peerflix Streaming torrent client for Node.js
  • and 100 more
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