Packages by mafintosh

  • mongopatch MongoDB patching tool
  • read-write-message Read/write a length prefixed JSON message to a stream and send regular binary data afterwards. Useful for sending stream headers etc.
  • torrent-swarm a torrent swarm implementation that uses the DHT to find peers
  • protein Protein is http prototype mixins for Node.js
  • root a super lightweight web framework featuring prototype mixin support and routing
  • cashier a module for caching static http responses in memory
  • random-access-file Continuous reading or writing to a file using random offsets and lengths
  • fwd-stream Forward a readable stream to another readable stream or a writable stream to another writable stream
  • nsq-protocol The NSQ protocol for node.js implemented as a stream
  • sorted-union-stream Get the union of two sorted streams
  • sorted-intersect-stream Intersect two streams that emit sorted data
  • murl murl is fast url pattern matching and replacing
  • dat-npm npm registry on dat
  • level-filesystem Full implementation of the fs module on top of leveldb
  • common A utility package with some useful functional stuff
  • pingable Ping a stream once in while. If it times out destroy it
  • trim-leading-whitespace trims leading whitespace of a stream
  • pretty-tree Make colorful trees out of JSON objects using archy
  • speedometer simple speed measurement in javascript
  • message-sockets a message socket
  • and 98 more
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