Packages by makesites

  • grunt-three-obj [WIP] Grunt tasks for Three OBJ
  • brisk Automation for Express.js
  • globe Location-based resourcing of 3D map geometry
  • drone-server Multi app node server, designed for minimal footprint and modular architecture
  • node-synapse [WIP] Registering P2P IPs
  • crudr CRUD operations on persistent connection stores
  • three-obj Compiling 3D OBJ files to Three.js JSON, as a node module
  • cloudvisio-cli [WIP] CLI for cloudvisio
  • grunt-render Grunt tasks initiated on the server side while rendering views
  • require-config Dynamically generate a require.config object for the client-side
  • node-sdb CLI for SimpleDB
  • apptrack [WIP] A node module that lets you create website analytics you own
  • brisk-twitter Simple REST controller for the Twitter API
  • brisk-client Managing client-side assets for Brisk
  • facebook-lite facebook.lite.js ================
  • grunt-3d Grunt tasks for compressing 3D models
  • brisk-account Account management for Brisk
  • appmedia A node module to automate the generation of the ridiculously big number of image assets to cover all the supported resolutions...
  • brisk-simpledb SimpleDB extension for Brisk
  • connect-oauth2 [WIP] Lightweight OAuth v2 provider with minimal dependencies, as a connect middleware
  • and 4 more
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