Packages by mattesch

  • string-template A simple string template function based on named or indexed arguments
  • triangle-homography Computes the 4 x 4 transformation matrix T such that TA = B, where A, is the known triangle and B is the target triangle
  • css-viewport Computes the perspective for a containefied field of view
  • firstkey Returns the first key found on an object from a list of keys
  • underbar Modular underscore
  • vdom A DOM create and patch algorithm for vtree
  • virtual-dom A batched diff-based DOM rendering strategy
  • blender-compiler Compiles per-pixel blend
  • radial-camera Compute a model view matrix based on a radius and two rotations about a point
  • jsonml-walk Walk a loose jsonml structure with hooks
  • choke Function call throttling with hook for cancelling
  • x-is-array Simple array test
  • jsonml-document Produces a valid html5 document from JsonML
  • json-lookup A version fallback for key lookup on a single json object
  • x-is-object Simple proper object test
  • xtendr extend with respect for undefined
  • x-is-string Simple string test
  • safe64 URI safe base64 encoding
  • global Require global variables
  • arrow-keys A stream of arrow keys
  • and 11 more
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