Packages by maxkueng

  • aspsms Send SMS text messages through
  • dsds Dead simple data store. In-memory with persistence to file.
  • lastfm-autocorrect An objectMode transform stream that attempts to auto-correct and enhance track metadata using's correction API, Levenstein distance and SoundEx.
  • lastfmapi A API client library wrapper with a simple and clean interface.
  • metaflac A node.js wrapper for metaflac
  • mongoscape Escape MongoDB queries so they can be stored inside MongoDB.
  • musicbrainz A MusicBrainz XML Web Service Version 2 client
  • pause-queue A pausable and resumable queue
  • querystream A stream that allows filtering of data (objects) using MongoDB-compatible queries.
  • somastation A SomaFM radio station playlist stream.
  • timetrickle A time-based execution limiter
  • victor A JavaScript 2D vector class with methods for common vector operations
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