Packages by maxtaco

  • msgpack4 A space-efficient object serialization library for node.js
  • purepack A browserify, Pure JS implementation of msgpack spec v5
  • emergency-dns-server An Emergency, Zero-Config DNS server
  • bn JS Bigint import
  • mwr A script to automate release of software
  • cryptojs-1sp A node wrapper around Jeff Mott's CryptoJS library
  • gpg-wrapper A small wrapper around the gpg CLI
  • 3s A Command-line script to triplesec encrypt and decrypt
  • pgp-utils Simple PGP utils
  • pubjs A node.js templating language that handles arbitrary and composable nesting
  • fast-msgpack-rpc A non-compatible variant of the Msgpack-RPC protocol specification for node.js
  • keybase-installer Trusted installer/updater for keybase
  • redblack2 Red-black tree for Node.js and the browser
  • kbpgp Keybase's PGP Implementation
  • keybase node-client ===========
  • pq2 Priority queue w/ decrease key operation, good for Dijkstra's algorithm
  • iced-db Simple db; pure JS; uses the FS as a tree
  • keybase-path Getting home can be hard; this module does it on Mac/Win/Linux
  • merkle-tree A Merkle Tree skeleton, written in IcedCoffeeScript
  • keybase-compressjs pure JavaScript de/compression (bzip2, etc) for node.js, volo, and the browser.
  • and 18 more
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