Packages by mcantelon

  • calais Semantically analyze text using the Calais web service.
  • chatrooms Minimalist multi-room chat server
  • deja CLI utility for managing git versioning of dotfiles, cheetsheets, etc.
  • dir2html Render a directory as HTML.
  • dpd-event-extension Applies patch to dpd-event module to expose require function and context data
  • elf Test
  • elflord a standalone or client/server CLI utility for managing to-do items
  • express-template-override Node module that allows you to override the templates in your main Express views directory
  • lam Local app
  • mingy Cheap parsing for your CLI tool and adventure game needs.
  • uam Unhosted application manager
  • uam-example Example uam local web application and package.json
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