Packages by mikaelb

  • csstats Parse AMX Mod X Stats File
  • github-repo A very simple Github repo info API wrapper
  • gulp-gitmodified A plugin for Gulp to get an object stream of modified files on git.
  • gulp-gitshasuffix A plugin for Gulp to suffix files with latest commit sha.
  • gulp-notify A plugin for Gulp to send notification messages (Mac, Linux and Windows
  • heartrate A Bluethooth Low Energy heart rate stream.
  • lastfm-spotify-urilist An easy way of getting a list of Spotify URIs based on Last.fm data
  • mrun A simple tool for setting script properties on packages.json for watching/building less and browserify code.
  • mversion A NPM and Bower module version handler
  • node-notifier A Node.js module for sending notifications on mac, windows and linux
  • socialfeed A sentral feed for your social channels
  • twit-stream A read stream for streaming Twitter data
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