Packages by mikeal

  • filed Simplified file library.
  • spider Programmable spidering of web sites with node.js and jQuery
  • caseless Caseless object set/get/has, very useful when working with HTTP headers.
  • http-duplex-client Duplex API for making an HTTP request (write the req, read the response)
  • eiojson Wrapper around engine.io to send and receive JSON objects.
  • logref Simple and extensible logging.
  • redcouch A client that stores data in both CouchDB and Redis.
  • cookie-jar Cookie Jar. Originally pulled form tobi, maintained as vendor in request, now a standalone module.
  • forever-agent HTTP Agent that keeps socket connections alive between keep-alive requests. Formerly part of mikeal/request, now a standalone module.
  • jaws Build HTTP applications as a cache.
  • stud-proxy Round Robin proxy/balancer for the stud TLS terminator
  • couchwatch Fault tolerant CouchDB changes watcher.
  • stack-overflow-rss Stack Overflow questions feed consumer.
  • jsonfiles Simple flat file database of json object.
  • pollstream XHR polling as streams
  • broquire Require that returns different values in the browser than node and avoids the node module being browserified.
  • sleep-ref Reference implementation of the SLEEP protocol.
  • webtouch Validate that a web site and all its required resources are available.
  • eiomethods Remote method exports and invocation with engine.io
  • dscape-mind-explosion-database DATABASE FOR DSCAPE TO TEACH CHILDREN!
  • and 49 more
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