Packages by nswbmw

  • array-norepeat return an array that removing duplicate elements of the given array, still keep the order of the elements.
  • hump convert a string(like: hello-world) to camel-cased string(to: helloWorld)
  • koa-utils koa utils
  • linereader Reading a url or file line by line.
  • markdown-css add CSS to Markdown
  • node-git comming soon ~
  • node-qq Node.js qq API
  • node-wechat Node.js 微信公众平台 API
  • node-wechat-expression 微信内置表情代码包
  • node-yixin Node.js 易信公众平台 API
  • oschina OSChina api for Node.js
  • randomjs Generate a random string that matches a given RegExp JavaScript object.
  • searcher search for a specific string (support RegExp) in one or Multiple file directory
  • unispim comming soon ~
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