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  • blutils Utilities for bluebird control flow.
  • sic Wraps a value in a function.
  • obs-model-validation Observable model validation.
  • spread-args Makes functions that expect multiple arguments accept a single array instead.
  • moduleify A browserify transform for shimming globals-polluting libraries.
  • routes-http Simple but powerful HTTP request router
  • mixed Minimalist, lightweight, ES5-compatible mixins.
  • arango-api WARNING: This module is no longer maintained! Use `request-json`, `request-proxy` or one of the other arango clients instead.
  • scrop Crops a sequence to a given length.
  • literalify A browserify transform for replacing require calls with arbitrary code.
  • rtrn Returns its input.
  • pred Predicates for JavaScript.
  • transform-object Transforms objects.
  • ply Function.prototype.apply wrappers.
  • httperr HTTP status codes as JavaScript errors.
  • obs-model Extensible observable models.
  • ary Clips function argument lengths.
  • sublish Minimalist publish/subscribe.
  • revalidator-model Simple validatable models with revalidator.
  • qtils Utilities for Q control flow.
  • and 12 more

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