Packages by radekstepan

  • apps-a-middleware ![image](https://github.com/intermine/apps-a-middleware/raw/master/pear.png)
  • apps-b-builder A component.io based builder for making modular JS packages
  • apptime Uptime monitoring linked to a mailer
  • blad A forms based node.js CMS ala SilverStripe, but smaller
  • connect-baddies A [Connect](http://www.senchalabs.org/connect/) middleware for filtering suspicious HTTP requests based on 422 request user-agent and url rules.
  • github-notify Send emails when new GitHub Issues are created for a repo
  • grunt-apps-c CoffeeScript, JavaScript, Eco, Mustache as CommonJS/1.1 Modules
  • kronic-node A dirt simple library for parsing and formatting human readable dates
  • nzb-grabber-js Download/grab binary posts from NNTP (Usenet) servers using Node.js.
  • pomme.js JS comms between frames using postMessage
  • prefix-css-node Prefix CSS selectors to avoid library clashes
  • ukraine Open Source Node.js PaaS with automatic Proxy and CLI client
  • urgentilio Urgent email to SMS sender
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