Packages by rkusa

  • co-bcrypt bcryptjs wrapper for co
  • co-rethinkdb Generator based querying goodness for RethinkDB
  • implode This library implodes complex Javascript objects preparing them to be serialized and later on deserialized. Supported structures:
  • jquery-observe With jquery-observe you have something like `.on` but for Plugin calls. This is useful if you want to apply Plugin calls to further added DOM nodes.
  • koa-formidable Formidable middleware for Koa
  • koa-passport Passport middleware for Koa
  • mced Minimal contenteditable editor. [ma.rkusa.st/mced](http://ma.rkusa.st/mced)
  • node-eventproxy Takes a function and returns a new one that has the provided context and arguments bind to it.
  • pdfjs A Portable Document Format (PDF) generation library targeting both the server- and client-side.
  • razorjs Experimental Razor-like template parser for Node.js.
  • selector-observer Observe newly added and removed DOM nodes matching a given selector
  • structjs **Structjs** allows mapping of contiguously allocated binary data to JavaScript objects for both Node.js and the Browser.
  • swac SWAC is a framework for developing Web application codebases that work on both the server- and the client-side.
  • swac-couchdb [![Build Status](https://secure.travis-ci.org/rkusa/swac-couchdb.png)](http://travis-ci.org/rkusa/swac-couchdb) [![Dependency Status](https://gemnasium.com/rkusa/swac-couchdb.png)](https://gemnasium.com/rkusa/swac-couchdb)
  • swac-odm [![NPM](https://badge.fury.io/js/swac-odm.png)](https://npmjs.org/package/swac-odm) [![Build Status](https://secure.travis-ci.org/rkusa/swac-odm.png)](http://travis-ci.org/rkusa/swac-odm) [![Dependency Status](https://david-dm.org/rkusa/swac-odm.png?theme=shields.io)](https://david-dm.org/rkusa/swac-odm)
  • swac-rethinkdb [![NPM](https://badge.fury.io/js/swac-rethinkdb.png)](https://npmjs.org/package/swac-rethinkdb) [![Build Status](https://secure.travis-ci.org/rkusa/swac-rethinkdb.png)](http://travis-ci.org/rkusa/swac-rethinkdb) [![Dependency Status](https://gemnasium.com
  • touch-dnd Advanced touch-compatible Drag'n'Drop library providing Draggable, Droppable and Sortable for Zepto.js and jQuery (for Zepto, you have to include its `data` module).
  • ttfjs TTFjs is a TrueType font parser entirely written in JavaScript and compatible to both Node.js and the Browser.
  • zepto-dnd HTML5 Drag'n'Drop API based Draggable, Droppable and Sortable for [Zepto.js](https://github.com/madrobby/zepto) (and jQuery). For Zepto, you have to include its `data` module.
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