Packages by ryanflorence

  • gh-pages-site generate a simple nav for a list of github pages sites
  • jqui-datepicker jqui-datepicker =============
  • detect-globals almost detect globals created from JavaScript source code
  • raziel command line password management
  • originate-ember loom origin for new ember projects
  • ember-qunit unit test helpers for ember
  • bower-import install and import modules without fuss
  • duck-punch Duck punch objects with reckless abandon
  • advise Aspect-Oriented Programming for JavaScript
  • publisher feature rich publish / subscribe module
  • ic-ajax ember friendly $.ajax wrapper
  • rf-release tag, push, and publish to npm and bower
  • loom-ember loom generator set used in originate-ember
  • listener A no frills cross-browser DOM event listener with ender integration
  • ic-lazy-list Lazily loads records from an href as the user scrolls down the page, all in your template
  • ic-menu ic-menu =======
  • ic-styled automatically style components with css templates
  • tomdale tom dale
  • ember-tools Ember Tools -----------
  • rsvp A lightweight library that provides tools for organizing asynchronous code
  • and 17 more
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