Packages by ryanve

  • curious Typechecking module.
  • atts Attributes module
  • tunes HTML5 audio and video playlists
  • chromosome chromosome node implementation
  • oi cross-browser domReady module
  • blood object inheritance and iteration utilities
  • plays HTML5 audio and video feature detects
  • response.js responsive design toolkit
  • verge viewport utilities module
  • vibe jQuery-compatible CSS classes module
  • dj remixable JavaScript
  • cxn Network connection module with online/offline events
  • cmon CommonJS and ender-inspired require/provide with events
  • dope HTML5 dataset/attributes module.
  • aok Extensible test suite API.
  • res Device resolution detection module
  • dime cross-browser module to measure dimensions
  • sos console API abstraction
  • fm function modulation utility module
  • emits Simple cross-platform event emitter.
  • and 15 more
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