Packages by saschagehlich

  • sequenice A nice model wrapper for `sequelize`
  • chromext chrome extension bootstrap with coffee, jade and stylus
  • seo A connect middleware that serves html snapshots to search engine bots
  • npm-yaml A pre-hook for npm to support package.yml
  • capoo Run capistrano tasks the pretty way
  • eyed3 A wrapper for ID3 manipulation using eyeD3
  • hamljs Faster / Express compliant Haml implementation
  • infozip Wrapper for the `unzip` and `zip` binaries
  • scoffle Template for static sites using coffee / sass / haml
  • acetic an asset (pre-)compilation engine for node.js and express
  • node-redis-monitor Live redis server monitor
  • multicurl node.js file downloads with high speed
  • co-assets-compiler Assets compiler for CompoundJS
  • hotnode Hot code loading for node.js
  • guru
  • co-nib nib support for CompoundJS's AssetsCompiler
  • redis-admin A smart and fast web interface for redis
  • ganja
  • lyvus live stylus / css reloading with node.js
  • node-exception-notifier Sends out an email to the given recipient with information about an uncaught exception.
  • and 1 more
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