Packages by schoonology

  • localrc A project-local version of rc, chainable with the original.
  • repl-callback A handy callback to use from the REPL console.
  • nodechecker A simple wrapper around the API.
  • resp 0.1.0
  • strong-remoting StrongLoop Remoting Module
  • loopback-oracle-installer Loopback Oracle Binary Installer
  • tmx A simple-to-use, simple-to-understand, streams-based TMX parser.
  • npm-web-api A collection of useful requests.
  • pkit A library of commonly-needed promise shims.
  • rmdirrf Recursively remove all files and directories like rmdir -rf, but in node.js.
  • loopback-connector-oracle Loopback Oracle Connector
  • loopback-workspace A library and server implementation for managing Loopback Projects.
  • usergen A simple means to generate user data.
  • obcheckt A simple Object format checker.
  • stepdown A simple control-flow library for Node that makes parallel execution, serial execution, and error handling painless.
  • mi The simplest and most obvious way to use multiple inheritance in Javascript that I could think of.
  • molecule A tiny framework for composing atoms of logic and transfering messages betwixt.
  • loopback-clients A collection of client SDK implementations for the LoopBack framework.
  • shuttle A massively-distributable, service-oriented architecture with all the flexibility of Node.
  • survey A tool for benchmarking in the surveying sense, not in a competitive sense.
  • and 26 more
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