Packages by scttnlsn

  • Backbone.js sync via Socket.IO
  • backbone.viewkit Backbone view management and transitions
  • broadcastd ERROR: No file found!
  • changeable Listen for object changes
  • Bidirectional data syncing via Socket.IO
  • decibel Networked audio player services.
  • emt Express/Mongoose Toolkit
  • manacle Lightweight ACL for Node.js and the browser
  • mongoose-acl Mongoose ACL
  • mongoose-denormalize Bidirectional denormalization for your Mongoose models
  • monq MongoDB-backed job queue for Node.js
  • mubsub Pub/sub for Node.js and MongoDB
  • nettle On-the-fly processing framework for Node.js and MongoDB
  • pagoda Reusable function stacks for Node.js and the browser
  • pushcart Pushcart is a small HTTP-service for distributing messages from one or more producer applications to various client consumers.
  • queued Queued client library
  • redblack Red-black tree for Node.js and the browser
  • routemachine Stateful client-side router
  • tree A JavaScript library for creating and manipulating hierarchical tree structures.
  • weedb A wee database built on LevelDB
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