Packages by simonwaldherr

  • canvastools JavaScript functions to play with html5 canvas under the MIT-License
  • colorconverter Convert between RGB, HSL and HEX color defining with these JavaScript functions under MIT-License
  • cryptofoo a good compromise between speed and validity to hash and encrypt (in future versions) strings
  • distime converts UNIX-Timestamps to strings like '5 days ago' in six languages
  • dompteur play with the Document Object Model (DOM) tree
  • imgresizejs smart resize images in a HTML5 Canvas
  • infinityjs infinity.js adds infinite scrolling to webpages
  • konamijs konami.js logs every keypress and store it for later
  • majax majaX stands for micro asynchronous javascript and X (X stands for XML, JSON, CSV, Plaintext, ...)
  • micromarkdown converts markdown to html
  • parsetime convert strings like 'five days ago' (in english, german, french or portuguese) to an integer (with time in seconds)
  • tinyosf a few lines of code to convert OSF to HTML
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