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  • less Leaner CSS
  • hogan.js A mustache compiler.
  • jsdom A JavaScript implementation of the W3C DOM
  • node-ses Amazon SES (sendmail) for node
  • backbone Give your JS App some Backbone with Models, Views, Collections, and Events.
  • uglify-js JavaScript parser, mangler/compressor and beautifier toolkit
  • migrate Abstract migration framework for node
  • mongoskin The future layer above node-mongodb-native
  • requirejs Node adapter for RequireJS, for loading AMD modules. Includes RequireJS optimizer
  • bower The browser package manager.
  • nib Stylus mixins and utilities
  • Socket.IO client for the browser and node.js
  • spdy Implementation of the SPDY protocol on node.js.
  • c-pm C package manager
  • markdown A sensible Markdown parser for javascript
  • stylus Robust, expressive, and feature-rich CSS superset
  • jade Jade template engine
  • awssum NodeJS module to aid talking to Web Service APIs. Requires plugins.
  • component Component package manager consuming git repositories
  • mongodb A node.js driver for MongoDB
  • and 12 more
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