Packages by tehshrike

  • command-line-config Quick and dirty loading/saving of JSON files.
  • expire-unused-keys Who wants to keep track of what's not being used? This guy!
  • isoft-updater This is an automatic file updater client used by [ISoft Data Systems](http://isoftdata.com/). It's unlikely that it will be useful to anyone else!
  • kanbanize-cli Command-line Kanbanize interface
  • levelup-cache Use LevelUP to cache remote data
  • lieutenant A command-line router
  • model-router Because I don't want to have to write session management shenanigans for every simple server-side data slinger I write. Also, it's a router.
  • noddity A client-side cms with a flat-file backend
  • noddity-butler Retrieve remote blog files, arrange them appropriately, and present them to the master of the house
  • noddity-retrieval For remote retrieval of a simple blog index and content
  • rssaas RSS as a service
  • sax-bastard Easy-peasy XML parsing built on sax-js.
  • stupid-indexer It's almost as dumb as it looks!
  • text-metadata-parser Text Metadata Parser was created for two reasons: to parse content and content metadata out of a single string or file, and to try to come up with the most boring library name ever!
  • weak-type-wizard Takes an object and makes a new object using provided defaults, with properties cast to correct types.
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