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  • addTimeout Wraps a callback to handle a timeout. If the timeout occurs before the callback being called, it either uses the first argument for returning the TimeoutError (Node.JS style) or let it handle by a specialized handler
  • grunt-batman-template compiles any and all templates into ready to use includes
  • howmuchtime Tells how much time (in ┬Ás) a callback has taken to be called
  • iostat sysstat's iostat wrapper for monitoring i/o usage on a unix machine with iostat installed (package sysstat)
  • ldm Logdunum CLI log vizualiser
  • logdunum Put your entire cluster's log on a MongoDB to get the full story of what happens in your app !
  • proj4js proj4js is now proj4 in npm, please update your dependencies.
  • shinypath Extract a part of an object according to a usual JavaScript expression like "foo.bar['baz'][3]" in a safe, easy and fast way

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