Packages by thehydroimpulse

  • toml-node TOML ====
  • redis-set A small set wrapper around Redis. The API Redis provides is pretty ugly, so this wraps it with promises.
  • ettore A IoC / Dependency Injection Container for node.js
  • koa-method-override Method override middleware for Koa
  • tower-restful-adapter restful =======
  • tower-server ## Installation
  • tower-go Tower Go provides a concurrency mechanism similar to Clojure's `core.async` and Goroutines in Golang.
  • titan-wrap-config This wraps a configuration object and passes it along to [titan-config](
  • tower-channel A queue/channel implementation geared for use with generators.
  • titan-model models ======
  • freeze-flip Freeze ===========
  • rollout A redis-backed feature rollout system.
  • skydb-node skydb-node ==========
  • viewjs-scope A view scope represents an isolation within templates. Often times, you have many different areas that have either completely different scoping then others.
  • metalsmith-static Provides a simple plugin to copy assets from /public (configurable) to the build directory.
  • tower-server-route A routing system built on KoaJS and Co. It uses JavaScript generators to provide amazing synchronous style programming.
  • tower-server-dom DOM implementation for node.js
  • hydro-class A powerful, full-featured class system for JavaScript.
  • titan-mail Mail is a small wrapper around nodemailer. It provides a central interface to manage sending emails.
  • hydro-lexer A simple, yet powerful Lexer/Tokenizer. It comes with an increadibly simple API that matches token using basic strings or Regexs.
  • and 12 more
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