Packages by twolfson

  • finder-cli Quick and dirty cross-platform CLI tool for searching for files to open with favorite editor.
  • phantomjsify Browserify transform to fallback node.js basics in PhantomJS
  • mocha-fixture-dir Create/copy directories to automatically cleaned up temporary directories via Mocha
  • listen-spawn Start a HTTP server which runs commands when pinged.
  • uber-ngen Package generator (structure, changelogs, tests, package.json, etc)
  • center-text Center text horizontally
  • grunt-jsmin-sourcemap Grunt task for JSMin and sourcemap
  • value-mapper Lookup values from a dictionary with aliasing, mapping, and flattenining.
  • layout Organize and layout items based on various algorithms
  • gmsmith GM engine for spritesmith
  • firefox-bookmarks Extract information from your Firefox bookmarks
  • grunt-retro Add grunt@0.4 functionality to grunt@0.3 plugins
  • image-diff Create image differential between two images
  • Platform for documenting undocumented APIs
  • gifsockets-middleware Set of HTTP middlewares for gifsockets
  • canvas-to-pixels Convert canvas actions into pixels
  • json2fontcss Converter from JSON to font variables for CSS
  • jsmin2 Another port of JSMin -- this time outputting a coordinate map
  • halo-mvc Mediator based client-side MVC framework heavily inspired by Addy Osmani's talks on Aura.
  • grunt-spritesmith Grunt task for converting a set of images into a spritesheet and corresponding CSS variables.
  • and 75 more
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