Packages by vdemedes

  • thumbbot Thumbnails from video, images, web pages and even audio.
  • browser-client Detect browser, version, platform and device
  • video-thumb Extract snapshots from video at a given time. Requires ffmpeg.
  • colorodo
  • route66 Routing functionality/middleware for Connect 2.0
  • packager Install npm packages listed in Npmfile
  • que Interface to many worker queue backends.
  • restie ORM that operates with RESTful interface, rather than database.
  • magician Library for cute image manipulation. Requires ImageMagick.
  • google-images Search images using Google Images
  • mailman Send emails in a comfortable way via models.
  • memcacher Adding tags functionality to memcached.
  • mongorito ODM for MongoDB.
  • npmrat Add npm packages to package.json using command line
  • avatars.io Avatars.io client
  • lychee One interface. Many databases. Lychee is all about that.
  • gumroad API client for Gumroad.
  • juicy Extending JavaScript's native clases with useful methods
  • templato One interface to many template engines for browser and Node.js.
  • ametrine-view Ametrine component for handling and compiling views
  • and 1 more
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