Packages by xadillax

  • daily-sentence A `daily-sentence` module for node.js. (data from http://xue.youdao.com/w?page=1&type=all&position=tinyEnglish)
  • day-from-1970 Calculate out witch day, month, year and week from 1970.1.1 via one timestamp.
  • dlouc-flare To run at a server which has a dynamic IP and cloudflare service. It can dynamic modify your DNS record by your realtime IP address.
  • fetion-sender The fetion sender for node.js.
  • ihuyi106 iHuyi 106 SMS sender for node.js.
  • jpusher JPush API caller for node.js.
  • light-form-generator A light-weighted form generator.
  • node-constellation Calculate out which constellation one certain day is.
  • node-motto A node package to get random motto.
  • node-wechax An easy node.js package for Tencent WeChat APIs.
  • nodegrassex ======
  • ntss A tiny static server for node.js.
  • simpleini A simple ini file reader for node.js. (Under miniini-0.9)
  • spidex The refactoring of `nodegrassex`. A web crawler for node.js.
  • vjudge-description-spider This project is the spider API for a number of Online Judge Systems.
  • vjudge-submitter A virtual judge submitter module for node.js.
  • wxverify The basic verify module of WEIXIN.
  • xplan-news-parser XPlan news parser (to adapt modile).
  • xplanspider just 4 xplan of cst.zju.edu.cn
  • xto Just an API for Node.js to query each express.

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