Packages by yanatan16

  • qb-monitor Monitoring utilities for the QB framework
  • redis-eval A small package to manage redis EVAL SCRIPT caching and EVALSHA calling.
  • api-routes A declarative system for creating express API routes.
  • qb-nats nats dialect for QB service framework
  • messageq A reliable delivery pub/sub messaging system.
  • git-rev-2 get the current git commit hash, tag or branch in node
  • livereload-exec A simple executable for an arbitrary livereload server.
  • qb-messageq MessageQ dialect for QB service framework
  • qb-http http dialect for QB service framework
  • book-loggly loggly middleware for the book logging framework
  • weberrors A simple web errors package.
  • mongoose-pusher Mongoose plugin to allow a "pusher" function which acts like setter for arrays.
  • simpleq A super simple redis-backed queue.
  • qb A super-simple service-provider framework.
  • qb-relyq relyq backend for QB
  • relyq A reliable redis-backed queue.
  • marked-sections Section wrapping for markdown parsing
  • qb-statsd Adds statsd listeners to qb
  • fanin fanin - the fan-in concurrency pattern
  • multipart-pipe multipart-pipe ==============
  • and 3 more
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