Packages by yeikos

  • backdroid it's a backdoor for Android formed by a client written in JavaScript, with the help of, and a server written in NodeJS.
  • guess It's an numbers guessing algorithm within a range, compatible with JavaScript and NodeJS.
  • kurl It's a powerfull URL parser written in JavaScript and compatible with NodeJS with a lot of features that it will help you to modify/parse easily a URL without any problem.
  • merge JavaScript/NodeJS Merge is a tool to merge multiple objects into one object, with the possibility of create a new object cloned. His operation is very similar to the jQuery.extend function but more flexible.
  • quickrequest Quickrequest helps you to do HTTP/HTTPS requests very easily
  • str2obj str2obj is a function that converts a nice literal string into an object.
  • tuenti API Tuenti
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