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  • level-bufferstreams Pure buffer (multibuffer) streams for leveldb. Faster/less memory overhead than the default streams, useful for bulk operations.
  • floordate Simple date flooring, floor a date to the start of a specified time window.
  • statware Status aggregation suite with middle-ware like abilities. Used by the Ravenwall agent.
  • multibuffer-stream A streaming interface for multibuffer.
  • tokenthrottle-redis A Redis-backed tokenthrottle implementation. See
  • cxnode A tool for invoking your app instrumented by concurix-monitor.
  • flatnest Flatten/Nest Javascript objects.
  • ravenwall Node.js library to integrate with the Ravenwall monitoring service.
  • multibuffer Package Arrays of Buffers into a single buffer that they can be later unpacked from.
  • through2 A tiny wrapper around Node streams2 Transform to avoid explicit subclassing noise
  • guessformat Makes a guess at formatting style of a given js string.
  • stream-splice Splice multiple streams into a single pipeline. Useful for exposing multi-step piped streams as a single stream.
  • level-rawcopy An optimized live-copy from one levelup instance to another.
  • loose-interval A looser setInterval that schedules upon task completion to avoid overlap.
  • stats-lite A light statistical package that operates on numeric Arrays.
  • level-version Versioned data for levelup.
  • concurix-monitor Concurix monitoring agent
  • redis Redis client library
  • timestream-ops Mapped operation Transforms for sequential objectMode streams (e.g. timeseries data).
  • through2-spy A through2 wrapper to for simple stream.PassThrough spies.
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