Packages by ekashida

  • express-yui Express extension for YUI Applications
  • hashfile calculates the hash of a file
  • hashonym cp files using the content hash as the filename
  • locator gives semantic meaning to filesystem paths
  • locator-lang Language bundles compiler for locator
  • locator-micro Micro template compiler for locator
  • mojito Mojito provides an architecture, components and tools for developers to build complex web applications faster.
  • mojito-cli The mojito-cli package provides command line helpers for Mojito developers.
  • mojito-cli-build mojito-build ==========
  • mojito-cli-create Subcommand for mojito-cli to create mojito scaffolding/boilerplate.
  • mojito-cli-doc Provide the `doc` command, to generate API docs, for `mojito-cli`
  • mojito-cli-gv Provides the `gv` command for use with `mojito-cli`. Visualizes YUI module dependencies in Mojito applications.
  • mojito-cli-jslint Provide the jslint command for mojito-cli
  • mojito-cli-profiler Provides the `profiler` command for the `mojito-cli` tool.
  • mojito-cli-start Provide the `start` command, to stand up a node.js server running a mojito application, for the mojito-cli.
  • mojito-cli-test mojito-cli-test ===============
  • ycb YCB is a multi-dimensional configuration library that builds bundles from resource files describing a variety of values.
  • yui-combo-middleware Middleware used to decode combo requests
  • yui-pathogen-decoder Decodes pathogen-encoded combo urls generated by YUI Loader
  • yui-pathogen-encoder Enables pathogen encoding in YUI Loader
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