Packages by faceleg

  • controller-loader Recursively load & instantiate all controllers in a given directory.
  • duffel-auth Provides user management and the ability to protect resources with permission based access control
  • duffel-bootstrap Provides a convenient bootstrapper for a typical website
  • duffel-cms Enables one to embed editible regions within nunjucks templates
  • duffel-mailer Module allowing simple-as-possible emailing from a typical website
  • duffel-token Provides model that may be used to store a value alongside an expireable, crypt-random token that could be used as the key for a password-reset URL
  • duffel-visor Provides a visor visible when a user with permissions to access any visor item is logged in
  • nodegit Node.js libgit2 asynchronous native bindings
  • nunjucks-append A nunjucks extension that allows one to create a tag and append content to it in subviews
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