Packages by ftlabs

  • dom-delegate Create and manage a DOM event delegator.
  • fastclick Polyfill to remove click delays on browsers with touch UIs.
  • fruitmachine A lightweight component layout engine for client and server.
  • fruitmachine-bindall A fruitmachine helper that binds all the methods in fruitmachine modules to each instance.
  • fruitmachine-boundarize A fruitmachine helpers for creating component layout boundaries
  • fruitmachine-fastdom A fastdom helper for fruitmachine
  • fruitmachine-ftdomdelegate A [ftdomdelegate](http://github.com/ftlabs/ftdomdelegate) [FruitMachine](http://github.com/ftlabs/fruitmachine) helper.
  • fruitmachine-media FruitMachine helper that allows different setup and teardown callbacks to be called based on media queries
  • ftcolumnflow FTColumnflow is a polyfill that fixes the inadequacies of CSS column layouts.
  • ftdatasquasher Data compression and decompression support, packing base64 into UTF8 high and low bytes
  • ftscroller FTScroller is a cross-browser Javascript/CSS library to allow touch, mouse or scrollwheel scrolling within specified elements, with pagination, snapping and bouncing support.
  • selective-fastclick A very early hack together of FT's [FastClick](http://github.com/ftlabs/fastclick) with [DOM Delegate](http://github.com/ftlabs/ftdomdelegate) libraries.
  • superstore Local storage, without the bugs, and an asynchronous API
  • superstore-sync Local storage, without the bugs.

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