Packages by hiddentao

  • abide Base class pub-sub observers for JS objects based on ECMA5 getters/setters
  • fast-levenshtein Efficient implementation of Levenshtein algorithm with asynchronous callback support
  • grunt-requirejs-config-gen Generates a RequireJS optimizer config file from a base config file.
  • koa-session-mongo MongoDB storage layer for Koa session middleware
  • koa-session-store Session middleware for Koa with a pluggable storage layer
  • lzw-async Asynchronous implementation of Lempel-Ziv-Welch (LZW) compression.
  • melkor Simple, fast wiki powered by Node.js and Git
  • squel SQL query string builder
  • waigo Next-gen web framework for node.js using generators
  • waigo-mongo Mongo database connection and session store for Waigo
  • weber A tool for compiling scripts, stylesheets and templates when developing Javascript web apps.
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