Packages by johndotawesome

  • claude Claude Shannon was an American mathematician, electronic engineer, and cryptographer known as "The father of information theory". Claude.js is web server manager for node.js.
  • Console.log but with lols
  • convert-text-table Convert ascii tables to json arrays
  • dirac Node-PG database layer built with MoSQL
  • dirac-cast-to-json Cast values to JSON before a db operation. Traverses schema for the specified types (default `json`) and sets up dirac before filters for the specified operations (default `insert`, and `update`) to JSON.stringify the values
  • dirac-middleware Express middleware for building JSON HTTP interfaces with dirac
  • dirac-table-ref Automatically use a default column for table references in dirac schemas.
  • elasticness Simple elasticsearch client
  • escher Build tool for escher
  • gpiojs Raspberry Pi GPIO module for node.js
  • grunt-escher Grunt task for the Escher build tool
  • grunt-named-modules Allows you to specify aliases for your module paths
  • mongo-pg A mongo-like interface for postgres
  • mongo-sql A mongo-like interface for sql generation, postgres-style
  • p4441-stream A streaming interface for Brüel & Kjær's p4441 noise analyzer over a TCP connection
  • selenium-utils Utility functions for selenium/webdriver
  • silly-sql SQL Query Construction Toolset
  • stdm Standard Middleware for Express
  • url-shortener-cli Shortens a URL with my url shortener and copies the result to your clipboard
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