Packages by nadav

  • appagent Send requests to local HTTP servers (http.Server, express, connect or a function) with superagent
  • backbone-attrs ES5 getters/setters for Backbone models
  • callable-klass Allows to create constructor functions ("classes") that returns callable instances
  • connect-ext-type Allow specifying the `Accept`ed content type as the file extension
  • cypher-query Query builder for Cypher (tiny wrapper around string expressions)
  • emit-async Async event emitter for EventEmitter
  • express-subroute Sub routes for express, with support for automatic OPTIONS response and 405 Method Not Allowed.
  • iferr Higher-order functions for easier error handling
  • lazy-prop
  • php-template Execute PHP templates under node.js
  • qruri NodeJS port of Kang Seonghoon's qr.js
  • secure-randword Generate random words using a CSPRNG
  • superagent-browserify A tiny wrapper around superagent to make it work with browserify.
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