Packages by pirxpilot

  • tweet-html reparse tweets returned by twitter API to HTML
  • mniam Yet another mongodb facade.
  • connect-cachify-static static (simpler and faster) variant of connect-cachify middleware
  • gexode Primitive XML generator for node.js
  • limiter-component Limits the rate of function calls to one per period. It delays but does not throttle the calls.
  • getlet HTTP(s) get request with redirect, compress and streaming
  • component-autoboot plugin for component-builder that makes output file self contained
  • connect-gzip-static gzip static middleware for connect - serves compressed files if they exist, falls through to connect-static if they don't
  • component-score A component command plugin to verify quality of the components
  • mince Traditional CLI for mincer
  • component-shrinkwrap shrinkwrap for component build system
  • guard Trivial guard: triggers callback when internal counter reaches 0.
  • liftie Clean, simple, easy to read, fast ski resort lift status
  • grunt-mincer Use mincer to concatenate your sources.
  • el-component create HTML from jade-like expressions
  • plumper Makes your polyline look fat using routeboxer algorithm
  • byways Content of the closed `byways.org` website hosted at [scenicbyways.info]
  • component-clock Clock UI component for use in time-picker
  • sax-stream Transform stream implemented using SAX parser
  • stylus-font-face @font-face generator plugin for stylus
  • and 2 more

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