Packages by sorribas

  • after-all Execute several async functions and get a callback when they are all done
  • each-series Asynchronously iterate an array as a series
  • github-auth A middleware for github authentication.
  • lispjs A small lisp-like language that compiles to JavaScript
  • mongoexpressgen Small generators for APIs and CRUDS with Express and MongoDB
  • mongojs Easy to use module that implements the mongo api
  • noted-api Part of [noted-app](
  • noted-app A note taking app. Buit with node.js. Work in progress.
  • noted-router Part of [noted-app](
  • noted-session Part of [noted-app](
  • redis-eventemitter-cli Command line tool for [redis-eventemitter](
  • submongojs sub-sections of mongodb databases with mongojs
  • tc-tap-run TAP runner for team-city
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